Dna activation mantras

Dna activation mantras

Apr 27,  · What is DNA activation? Some people believe that although we have 12 strands of DNA we only use 2 strands to build our bodies. Apparently the 10 unused strands are called shadow or junk DNA by scientists. Similar to our brain, our DNA has inactive segments to it. With our brain, according to popular belief, we only use approximately 10%. With Author: About Meditation.

Ajit - this post is incredibly informative. As a seeker and learner of these types of paths and this information, I have not read it in such a straightforward, distilled fashion. Thank you!

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Question: Once activated, is it necessary to reactivate? Or is one activated for the rest of their life? Respected Sir, Sir you have mentioned forbidden vamachara though it can raise kundalini Respected Captain, If suppose some so called lower caste person wishes to read Vedas and Mantra chanting and all My many so called low caste friend always complain that there is no social mobility and they will not be accepted as Brahmins no matter what?

Can you please clarify this in short no big explaination as I understand that your time is important. I tried to find it out but reading your all blogs will take time to complete. You have created terrific knowledge on this blogsite.

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Charan Spaarsh Prithvi. You are correct more people are getting interested in Sanatan Dharma these days, because it's a pure scientific religion. There are crores of non-hindus who practice Yoga and mantra chanting, read books of Deepak Chopra, Osho, Zen, and other writers who preach on Eastern dharma, but still they don't associate themselves to any religion because for them wisdom is more important than religion.

He believes in meditation which is only related to Buddha. But OM is a Hindu word. So when I chant it I feel fear of my father.

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Dear Capt, This is a fascinating article.. Also, I'm not clear with the exact genetics and mechanism behind the activation process.. Do we have junk DNA within our normal 2 helical strands of DNA or do we actually have 12 helical strands out of which only two are active..?

I cannot form a clear mental picture of this process Thank you, Naveen. I realize when I use to chant any mantra specially OM. My entire concentration is diverted automatically like all the thoughts are disappeared and brain is start working on single miission.

Hi Captain, I have been reading your blogs for sometime and today morning I read this one and wanted to know more about Om Mani Padme Hum mantra, however I listened to it on youtube as you had suggested. Now comes the problem, the way the Tibetans pronounce Padme Hum sounds like a word I know in Spanish and it is a pejorative. I am now stuck with a tape in my mind running continuously with the bad word replacing Padme Hum.

I am ashamed of myself. Please help. It has been nearly three months but they are still missing and govt is going to declare them dead but my mind fails to admit that and I have started rigorous prayers sometimes I feel like losing hope and everybody says that I am crazy People want me to meet some doctor.

Hi i was researching on DNA ascension and saw this article but yet don't really understand how to pronounce this mantra i would really appreciate it if you could help me. Dear Sir, Thanks again for all the invaluable information you keep on sharing. Sorry if i am being dumb, but is hummm to be pronounced with a clear U hUmm or clear 'a' hAmm. I believe you were on vacation yesterday Are all these processes same? I am really confused.

How to get siddhis? Is it a natural process or agaisnt nature? How to sidh a mantra and what are the advantages of getting a mantra sidh?

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Thanks Raj. People whom have attained siddhis are formally known as siddhas. Hi Sir i had gone through yours posts.

They are informative. I saw in the youtube that archeologists had discovered the mummy of Ravana in a cave in Srilanka. Can you please share your observation about this?

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  • Thank you. Hi Captain, I could not find a answer for what led to disappearance of 12 stranded DNA years ago.

    Om maNi padmE huM

    Can you please explain on that point? One more doubt. I think since we have been brought up thinking in a materialistic way, we are not able to visualize such state. If only few why are so? In one article I read that adi sankaracharya mastered vedas at the age of 4.

    Respected Guruji I tried to do om mani padme hummm with the following changes: 1. Shall i chant on my own and leave the mobile? If there is some break due to some reason will it affect quality of chanting and its effects i mean some outstation job where chanting is not possible are chants of Hi Raju, Namaskar, I was also waiting for Capt ji's remarks on your question.

    Yet, if someone knocks your door, pls don't loose temper and keep cool and attend the person first, then again start your chants from the beginning till the th time. This will however, not be counted in your Sadhna period.

    Dna activation mantras

    You cannot resume it after vacation. If you keep your mantra alive during vacation, then it will benefit you and protect you too. With this mantra you are taking a leap into the ocean of opportunities as it strengthens you from your DNA and raises your Kundalini Chakras also.

    You can only achieve fast success Siddhi of any particular mantra if you maintain Constant 1. Time, 2.

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  • Place, and 3. This means, that while doing Siddhi, you are supposed to follow a routine for 1. Time :- Fixed time of the day for chanting the mantra and for a fixed duration only. After that being silent for some time i. You should face in a fixed direction North or East only. Yet, the choice is completely yours.

    12 Strand DNA Activation Mantra

    Habits:- Try to eat healthy foods, but only Vegetarian, and dress clean white is preferred during the chanting time. Now, if you are well versed with any types of prayanam, with the degree of holding your breath after exhaling for atleast 20sec minimum for 10 times, then you are sure to achieve success in chanting of your desired mantra in the shortest period of time.

    Prayanam is very important for a sadhak, as it is a practice of your Pran, which flows in your body in the form of energy. It lets your Prana-Energy dance in a rhythmic tune to your mantra. Pls do not learn Prayanam on your own. First see someone doing it properly and then practice it.

    During the sadhna period, do not shake hands with anybody, and try not to be on bare foot for most of the time to conserve your extra voltage.

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  • You may prefer to wear socks before leaving your asan i. The place should not be too windy or smelly.

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    There are certain Time Durations of Siddhi of the mantras. Even if you do not get any considerable experience, You should keep on your sadhna alive all the time silently within you and keep on trying.

    Lastly, taking the guidance of a Guru who have successfully done the Siddhi of the particular mantra will be of great help. Yet, finding one such true Guru with our modern thoughts and our low IQs is the most difficult thing of all. If you are not in a sadhna period, these rules can then also be followed moderately, by doing suitable modifications, for your daily prayers and household ritual practices.

    Hari Om Respected Sir, Sir in your post on dna upgrade you were mentioning about terms and conditions to follow if one does Nostradamus had predicted rebirth of Dharma and resurgence of Hinduism after 21st December ,India will rise like a Phoenix from Ashes and foreign forces who earlier tried to defame our Dharma will face extinction.

    Do they really serve the same purpose of activation?

    Dna activation mantras

    Regards, Harsha. Whenever i try to talk to someone,dont know why i cant be able to talk face to face.. Is it written in rigveda..?? Namaskar Aaditya ji, Normally I refer my friends to this site for any rebuttals.

    But, I do not discuss such matters with friends unless I feel that they are worthy of it.

    What is DNA Activation?

    Dear Sir, I really admire you a lot. Sir Mani is the sanskrit word for DNA? I've been looking at various sources and gaining insight on how DNA, Genes function, but I'm still perplexed. It seems like these extra strands of DNA are a result of genetic mutations during birth or as a result of cancer, resulting in the child being born with deformities rather than super human abilities. Please give me some insights on the how this transformation to 12 strand DNA happens biomechanically.

    I hope you don't leave me in the lurch with this concept as I'm too perplexed and obsessed with it to move on without understanding the mechanism. Thanks, Naveen.