Umbrella corporation font

Umbrella corporation font

Looking for free vectors of Umbrella Corp Font? Browse our collection of Umbrella Corp Font templates, icons, elements, presentations, silhouettes and much more! No purchase required. At Umbrella Corporation we keep you informed about Resident Evil through our posts. Don't forget to check our services, At Umbrella Corporation we keep you informed about your favorite Resident Evil game. At the same time, we . 30% off Umbrella is a brush script that is beautiful and unique, it is a model of modern calligraphy typefaces, in combination with a calligraphy brush writing style. The Features of this fonts is; - Contextual swashes - Contextual Alternates - Discretionary ligatures - Stylistic Alternates - Stylistic sets Style font Umbrella is ; - Umbrella. The Umbrella Corporation is an international pharmaceutical company in the Resident Evil universe. Founded in by prominent British royal descendants Oswell E. Spencer and Edward Ashford, along with Dr. James Marcus, it is portrayed in the series as a major international player in pharmaceutical goods and medical supplies, along with more clandestine operations utilizing genetic engineering. If you want an individual font from the archive, see below. Capcom struck gold with the survival adventure series of Resident Evil ("biohazard" in Japan). Don your S.T.A.R.S. gear and blast away horribly mutated zombies that have been infected with the T .

The Umbrella Corporation was an international conglomeration with subsidiaries active in a variety of industries from the s to the early s. Umbrella's large array of subsidiaries was typical for large-scale corporations, though it was purpose-built to cover-up illegal activities.

Umbrella corporation font

Umbrella Pharmaceuticals was able to cover this by researching vaccines for the same viruses. Umbrella's other industries, such as the tourism firm, the Paraguas Line Company, earned revenue from transporting passengers across the Atlantic as a front for the transporting viral weapon samples from West Africa, while Umbrella Industries was responsible for the development of anti-B.

Umbrella's true goal was not, in fact, a capitalistic urge for monopolisation of a lucrative industry, but eugenics.

The verdict bankrupted Umbrella, and they and their subsidiaries closed down over the next year, with a large enough stigma present that some were not purchased by rivals. The origins of the Umbrella Corporation lie with the eugenics movements that dominated Europe and North American debate in the early 20th century.

Its three most prominent founding members were Dr. Oswell E. Spencer, The Earl Spencer ; Dr. Edward Ashford, 5th Earl Ashford , and Dr. Umbrella's immediate pre-history truly begins in , when Dr. Marcus developed a hypothesis that a mythical West African flower known as Stairway of the Sun bestowed powers to its consumers by a mutagenic viral infection.

Umbrella corporation font

In a trip to the Ndipaya tribal lands, the fabled flower was discovered in an underground garden and a virus discovered within it. Requiring significant funding beyond their aristocratic links to bring about their eugenics dream, Spencer formed Umbrella Pharmaceuticals on behalf of Ashford and an indifferent Marcus and established a base in the Ndipaya garden so Progenitor samples could be transported over the Atlantic instead.

Requiring more money, the three agreed to a plan later known as the "t-Virus Project", where they would independently develop strains of Progenitor to sell to the US military as a weapon. The t-Virus Project expanded considerably over this period thanks to research led of Dr.

William Birkin at the end of the s, inspired by Marcus' independent but otherwise unrelated work in , [11] which saw the abandonment of t-Virus as a weapon of death and instead utilised its mutagenic properties to keep the infected alive in a mentally-damaged, homicidal and cannibalistic state capable of maintaining activity after a cardiac arrest.

With the realisation of a rare immunity to the virus, the t-Virus Project expanded again in the early s as laboratories across the world developed chimeric animals that would be sent out by militaries to kill survivors, known as Bio Organic Weapons.

Umbrella USA held control over American facilities and administration and was based in Chicago, with the Arklay Laboratory being its main facility for bio-weapons research until the opening of the NEST in for research on the G-Virus , [12] a Progenitor viral strain capable of repairing dead tissue and could in theory transform infected people into superhumans just as Spencer wished. Umbrella Europe was formed during the s out of the partial-integration of national branches in Western Europe out of frustration of Umbrella USA's influence over research.

Umbrella Europe pioneered the Nemesis Project, a plan to create an intelligent parasite that would serve as a replacement brain to go around Umbrella USA's failure to prevent the t-Virus from causing brain damage and loss of intelligence.

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  • Aside from the two chief continental groups was Umbrella Japan Co. Planes would also transport bioweapons cargo via the Antarctic Transport Terminal , a facility first opened in the s for the Ashfords' research, but would be almost solely used as an international shipping depot following the disappearance of Dr. Alexia Ashford in Nonetheless, Umbrella USA oversaw the most successful sectors of Umbrella, with a third of Raccoon City's , inhabitants working for its subsidiaries active there.

    In its intelligence expansion, Umbrella had successfully implanted moles within the US military, such as Dr. Albert Wesker , and learned of American ambitions to eventually abandon support for Umbrella with the reactivation of their own bioweapons program.

    Umbrella's influences over the nations it was selling arms to was nonetheless still strong, to the extent that when No. Umbrella's success began to wane in due to two factors: industrial espionage and internal destabilisation.

    John Clemens , gathered information on current projects along with limited information on Birkin's G-Virus, which the company soon developed an interest for. The trigger for Umbrella's decline, however, began in May with a mysterious containment failure at the Arklay Laboratory.

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    Though the reason for the failure is unknown, an experimental sentient B. Marcus a decade prior known as Queen Leech was responsible. Armed Umbrella teams in the Arklays failed to destroy the B. Since , Albert Wesker was retired from the U. Wanting the entire incident covered-up, Umbrella gave Wesker orders to send his team to the Arklays and allow them to be killed off by the B. Rather than hand his data to Umbrella USA as expected, he faked his death and escaped the explosion, with four comrades corroborating his death.

    The USS operation went awry when the U.

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    Transforming into a powerful monster, Birkin rampaged through the sewers and killed or crippled all but HUNK and destroyed the case they had stolen. This exposed the sewer ecology to the t-Virus which, after a brief but violent competition between rats and giant cockroaches, led to rats fleeing to Victory Lake , Raccoon City's reservoir, and infecting the Raccoon Dam employees, allowing contaminated drinking water to find its way into the city. Umbrella realized the developments in Raccoon City as early as September 16, [36] when they became aware of hospital cases for a "cannibal disease".

    With the water contamination spreading the virus to tens of thousands, the UBCS was given deployment orders and sent out to evacuate civilians, [36] with the expectation that the outbreak would be contained with the help of the United States Army and the Army National Guard , while also giving Umbrella USA and Umbrella Europe the opportunities to test their B.

    Nemesis-T Type was sent into the city with orders to find and eliminate surviving S.

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    The UBCS force was eliminated soon after arrival on September 26, however, and Federal troops and the National Guard pulled out of the city to their blockades, abandoning the survivors to their fate. An influential American civil servant, Derek C. Simmons , used his influence in the U. Umbrella, [39] their rival company, [40] the U. No longer able to ignore Umbrella's power, Congress voted in a session to suspend Umbrella USA's right to do business in the country [43] [44] and federalized its assets, while the President himself resigned due to public criticism of his decision to destroy the city.

    Army's Delta Team units in the city, the U. Umbrella continued to decline consistently after Raccoon City. Spencer decided it was time to clear house and had Umbrella's Africa facility shut down in November to avoid the Progenitor Virus being discovered, and its employees, including Brandon Bailey, killed soon after. Kennedy sent an investigator, Ark Thompson , over to Umbrella's facility on Sheena Island; his investigation directly led to an intentional outbreak when its commander, Vincent Goldman , believed him to be an Umbrella intelligence operative recording his illegal activities there.

    Save for Ark and two children, the entire island's population is believed dead, with the outbreak having culminated in an explosion that destroyed Umbrella's Tyrant mass-production facility.

    In December, Umbrella's training camp on Rockfort Island was destroyed and its soldiers wiped out in an attack by their rival company's paramilitary group, H.

    Wesker's stolen Arklay Lab data. The facility was destroyed when former S. Over the next few years, Umbrella found it more and more difficult to keep its employees in line, particularly with the loss of its prison complexes on Rockfort and Sheena. Rogue employees slowly fed bioweapons onto the black market, though as outbreaks were still being successfully covered up by the United States it is unknown how many bioterror attacks took place, though the U.

    In , former executive Morpheus D.

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    By Umbrella was in serious trouble, and a Caucasian chemical plant purchased in through a shell company became its de facto base of operations.

    Operatives expanded their sales to take advantage of the War on Terror, and B. In January , the Caucasus facility suffered an outbreak, and reports of attacks in a nearby village soon got the attention of both Dr. Wesker and the Private Anti-Biohazard Service. The village, whose people had been hired by Col.

    Umbrella Corporation

    Vladimir to protect important Umbrella materials and store B. Soon after, both forces converged on the chemical plant, killed the mutants, T-A. Vladimir, though Dr. Wesker was successful in downloading Umbrella's research data for his own purposes.

    Wesker made a covert deal with the court and provided excerpts of Umbrella's archives to prove their direct involvement in the incident; this evidence was not allowed to be shown to the public to protect US interests. Spencer seeking his arrest for the crimes that took place in both countries.

    Another of Umbrella's possible slogans is "Science for a comfortable life," as seen in a combined advertisement for Safsprin , Adravil , and Aqua Cure. A contributing factor to Umbrella's success were their non-lethal commercial products.

    Such products include:. It is interesting to note that according to Rebecca Chambers in the Resident Evil Remake , most of the products are "home grown in Raccoon City. This suggests Umbrella cultivated these herbs, explaining how they ended up in an Umbrella base in Antarctica.

    There are also a multitude of other products seen briefly throughout all of the Resident Evil games including, soft drinks, cosmetics, and glasses.

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  • Tastes pretty good too," stating that Umbrella also manufactured food of its own brand. Only listed are facilities not known to be under the jurisdiction of any particular subsidiary.

    Facilities in the United States can be found here. Umbrella owned and utilized several paramilitary units to ensure the stability of the company during their viral experimentation.

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